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Prayer Pictures and Free Images | Church

We present a gallery of prayer images. All photographs are free and can be downloaded. We know that worship is important for the life of a Christian. We hope you will be a great blessing, always connected to God through prayer.

  • Hands joined to pray.

oración de anciano

  • Woman with closed eyes, she loves to pray.

chica orando en blanco y negro

  • One hand raised, adoring God of heaven.

una sola mano levantada

  • An outstretched hand seeking the light of the Holy Spirit.

manos pidiendo a Dios

  • Man brings his hands to his face regretting his mistakes and prays to God.

arrepentimiento ante Dios

  • Praying to Christ at the altar, on his knees he asks for forgiveness.

orando en el altar

  • Raise your hands to the sky and point lights, it is a sign of victory.

levantando las manos en la noche

  • Kneeling reading the bible, believing that prayer is fundamental to please the heart of God.

orando postrado

  • Woman raises her gaze upward seeking God’s answer in prayer.

orando con el Espíritu Santo

  • Woman praying alone in the sanctuary, worship that pleases God.

Oración de amor

  • Man falls on his knees before God, is in a forest in communion with the Holy Spirit.

oración de humillación

  • Mother prays for her daughter who needs spiritual help. The love of mother united to the love of God.

oración en familia

  • Two hands with palms facing up, night prayer.

con las manos vacías

  • Christian urban images, a young man worships God in the street.

oración de un joven con gorra

  • On his knees praying to Christ, with the Bible in his hands, he cries fervently.

llenura del Espíritu Santo

  • She prays to God believing with Faith that her prayers will be heard in heaven.

jóvenes en oración

  • An athlete kneels to pray to God before starting a game.

deporte y la oración

  • With joined hands we pray to God asking for his guidance and forgiveness.

Orando en lo íntimo

oración verdadera

meditando en la palabra de Dios

  • Man alone prays with his hands on his face, he knows that God is everything to him.

orando en el aposento

  • Grandmother’s hands joined to pray to God.

anciana orando

  • Woman praying to God in church chairs. Alone, look for God’s answers.

orando a solas con Dios

  • Women pray for each other, the bible demands that we pray for those who ask for spiritual strength.

mujeres oran unas por otras

  • Prayer symbol in drawing, neon drawing of hands in prayer.

oración en dibujo

  • Young man on his knees praying to God, forgiveness frees us from all ties of the past.

maleante orando

orando en blanco y negro

  • Two palms united in the darkness are praying to God for more peace.

orar en la oscuridad

  • Mother prays in solitude for God to take care of his children.

madre ora

orando todos juntos

imposición de manos

oración de un cristiano

oración de un hombre

mano pidiendo ayuda para no ahogarse

oración de una mujer cristiana

hombre ora a solas en la iglesia

oración de Dios

Adorando a Dios a solas

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