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The Best Kids & Youth Pictures and Free Images

Children and young people are an important part of the kingdom of God. For that reason, we present a gallery of images for children and young people, they are resources to be used in churches. They can be viewed and downloaded for free.

Kids & Youth Pictures

levantando manos en concierto

cruz de madera

In the tapestry of divine affection, the threads of God’s love for children are woven with the finest of care and tenderness.

This love, an eternal flame that burns brightly in the heart of the Creator, knows no bounds or conditions. It is a love that transcends time, space, and circumstance, radiating an unwavering warmth that envelops every child in its embrace.

fotos de comida

From the moment a child takes their first breath, they become the apple of God’s eye, cradled in the arms of a love that predates their existence. It is a love that cherishes the innocence and wonder that childhood brings, a love that sees the potential for goodness and grace in every tiny soul.

chica y emojis

fotos con love

In the eyes of God, children are not mere mortals; they are beacons of hope, vessels of untapped potential, and carriers of the future. Their laughter is a melody that resonates through the heavens, their tears a call that stirs the heart of the Divine.

Each step they take, guided or stumbled, is watched over with a benevolent gaze, and every dream they dare to dream is cradled in the hands of a God who believes in their boundless potential.

dos personas cantando

letras love

The love of God for children is a shelter in the storm, a refuge in times of trouble. It is a love that listens, understands, and forgives without reservation.

Like a lighthouse on a rocky shore, God’s love guides children through the turbulent waters of life, illuminating the path to a future filled with promise and purpose.

niño triste

amigos viendo el atardecer

niños africanos

In the presence of God, children find a sanctuary where they are free to be their authentic selves.

Their imperfections are met with grace, their questions met with wisdom, and their sorrows met with a comforting embrace. It is a love that nurtures growth, encourages curiosity, and instills a sense of wonder in the world around them.

playeras con letras en ingles

niño en piscina

niña solitaria

The love of God for children is a beacon of hope that shines even in the darkest of times. It is a love that remains steadfast, unwavering, and unconditional, a love that knows no end.

It is a love that empowers children to rise above challenges, to spread kindness and compassion, and to leave an indelible mark on the tapestry of humanity.

niñas de la india

fotos de jóvenes riendo

bebé escondiéndose

As children grow and mature, the love of God remains a constant presence, a guiding force that illuminates their path.

It is a love that celebrates their victories, grieves their losses, and stands with them through every trial and triumph. It is a love that whispers, in the quiet moments of the heart, «You are cherished, you are valued, you are loved.»

juego entre hermanos

niña en parque

cuna de bebé

foto de rostro de niño

In the grand symphony of existence, the love of God for children is a timeless refrain, an echo that resounds through eternity.

It is a love that transcends human understanding, a love that is boundless, infinite, and everlasting. And in the heart of every child, it finds a home—a sanctuary where they are forever held in the arms of a love that knows no equal.

manos de niño con pintura

foto de niña sonriendo

niño cristiano

bebé con reloj en las manos

con amigos en el bosque


zapatos amarillos

con la cara pintada

niños curiosos

imágenes de juguetes

pisando suelos de colores

lápices de colores

cámara de niña



la tecnologia y los pequeños

niño afro

rostro de emoji pintada en el suelo

letras con legos


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